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Generate 2x More Bookings With My Most Powerful Website & Branding Tweaks

Generate 2x More Bookings With My Most Powerful Website & Branding Tweaks

Join My 5-Day Brand That Book "Website Polish" Challenge & Discover My Exact Step-By-Step Method I've Used to Tweak & Transform Over 1,000 Wedding Pro Websites To Magnetize Their "Dream" Customers & Convert Them Into Bookings

Learn How to "Dust Off" Your Website & Make It Magnetize and Resonate With Your "Perfect" Customer- Without Breaking the Bank or Hiring a Designer!

☑️ Turn your current site from "average" to a magnet that will resonate with your "ideal" clients.

☑️ Learn how to make simple (but powerful tweaks to your existing site), even if you can’t afford to invest in a designer to help you stand out.

☑️ Learn how to how to differentiate yourself - even if you're in a hyper competitive market.

☑️ Even if you're someone who overthinks everything and wants to start confidently marketing themselves - this will work for you.

Join me and you are going to learn how to showcase your passion and proficiencies, how to determine your ideal client, how to choose colors, fonts and imagery with strategy, and build a website that will become one of your best sales assets for many years to come.

I’ll be frank with you... 88% of visitors won’t revisit a website if it wasn’t a great first experience. 

And this is a serious issue as a wedding pro when so much of a future couples decision to hire you is based on trust... which means getting to know you… which means your website needs to magnetize and grab their attention and resonate with them enough to inspire action. 

Seriously, they need to walk away remembering something about their digital first impression.
After viewing no less than 1,000 websites in the wedding space, there are a handful of common and costly mistakes your site is making that ARE EASILY FIXED and don’t take a lot of time to do.

In fact… You can make these tweaks 100% yourself. 

That's what I'm going to cover during my 5-Day "Brand That Books" Challenge.

Sign Up for My 5-Day "Brand That Books" Challenge & Get the Accountability You Need to "Dust Off" Your Website Before the "Wedding Boom" of 2021.

Who are you, Kaleigh? Are you another one of these overnight "Branding Experts"?

My name is Kaleigh Wiese and over the past 17 years (my entire career), I’ve studied and used psychology-driven methods with my creative business clients. 

I’ve been quoted in New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Fortune and more. I’m a long-time wedding educator alongside Wedding Pro and Wedding MBA ...and have spoken globally in many industry meet-ups like WIPA, ILEA, ABC and NACE... I’m also the founder of Méldeen which I founded in 2008, which is a luxury event branding and paper goods company focused on designing unique touch-points throughout the event experience.
I’m not another one of these “Branding Experts” that have been springing up overnight. I have lived and breathed visual branding & communication strategies for almost 2 decades. I’m all about the pairing of how powerful your brand can be where effectiveness + aesthetics meets. And the wedding industry should take advantage of these psychology-driven touch points on how our clients browse and find us!

In this challenge, I am going to share with you my knowledge that I used to transform over 1,000 websites into engaging, inquiry-driving, booking machines that also LOOK so on-brand for you.

Here's what wedding pros and industry leaders are saying about working with me...

Joe Bunn
Entrepreneur & DJ
"Kaleigh's information was right on point with what I had been telling my DJ Community (DJ's Vault) for a while, plus she threw in even more that I couldn’t possibly teach them. She always over delivers, and I love that."

Heather Lowenthal
Luxury Event Planner
"Kaleigh is a gem! After taking her branding course earlier this year she really helped put perspective on my company branding. Her keen eye and ideas she brought to the table are all things I never would have thought of. Her responsiveness and service were exceptional and I give her my highest recommendation!" 

Vanessa Joy
Photographer & Educator 
“Kaleigh has brought such clarity to my brand and how I communicate who I am to my clients. It was like looking at myself for the first time, but knowing who I was all along. She was more than patient through our long-distance working relationship and on top of everything even when I wasn't. I couldn't recommend Kaleigh any more highly to a business that's looking to find their voice, present their best selves and do it effortlessly.“

How the "Brand that Books" Website Challenge Works:

• Each day during the challenge we will stream LIVE into the Facebook group (that only challengers will have access to).

• All you have to do is head over to the group at the time of the call and we’ll be there streaming live (don’t worry, we’ll send you reminders too!).

• During these 30-45 minute calls, Kaleigh will go in-depth on the exact strategy she uses to convert total strangers into bookings just by making simple tweaks to your existing wedding vendor website.

• Engage with Kaleigh as well as fellow challengers inside the private Facebook group as we help each other tweak our “Brand That Books” sites and get valuable feedback to optimize your strategy.

• And if you fall behind one day, don’t worry! All calls are recorded and available for a limited time right inside the Facebook group.

• By the end of the challenge, you will have all the support and training you need to leave with your own simple, actionable tweaks that will get you brand new bookings from scratch.

Here's the Schedule Starting This Monday

Monday: Day 1 • Having a Website that Resonates
Tuesday: Day 2 • Crafting your Message
Wednesday: Day 3 • The Visuals that Matter
Thursday: Day 4 • Why Blogging & SEO Matters
Friday: Day 5 • How Your Website Can Work For You

Plus! Special Guest Appearances!

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up for The 5-Day "Brand That Books" Challenge for Just $10 (Normally $127)

Daily Calls with Me

Tired of "webinars?" Good. Me too.

These daily calls will be live, interactive and fun to ensure you know exactly what tweaks to make to your existing site.

They will not be boring and they are designed NOT to overwhelm you - but instead give you actionable steps that will empower you to get started.


As part of the challenge, I won't just be educating you... But giving you the "kick in the butt" you need to get busy making simple & effective changes to your existing site - no matter what platform you're using.

I'll be friendly with a side of "tough" just to ensure you get results. I don't just want you to sign up and do nothing.

Live Examples

This challenge isn't just going to overwhelm you with theory. I'm going to show you how to apply these powerful branding tweaks to actual wedding brands just like yours.

At the end of each day (about 30 mins), I'm going to give you do-able assignments that you can get done before the next day of the challenge. My goal is not just education, but ACTION with guidance so you know exactly what to do.

Proven Methods

I've seen & consulted on over 1,000 websites for wedding pros so I know exactly what changes you need to make that will give you the MOST impact.

Stick with me.... Put the work in... And you'll start converting more visitors to your site for higher prices.

Not Another "Course"

This is not just another "course" or "masterclass" or "webinar" that you'll buy (and do nothing with).

I don't just want you to buy this and put it on the to-do list.

I only want you to join if you're ready to put in at least an hour a day to take the actions that will get you results.

I only want you to join if you're hopeful for the future of weddings (and not negative).

Your site is just a few tweaks away from being a magnetic, conversion machine. Some of you will have more work to do than others - but that's okay.

Trust the process and I'll give you what I know.

I used to charge $127 for this challenge but if you sign up this week, you can get in for just $10.


How Much Time Do I Need?
30 minutes a day for 5 days. That's it. (AKA 2.5 Hours)
Do I Need to Overhaul My Entire Site?
In rare cases, yes. But 95% = NO! This is all about quick tweaks and fixes that you can do on your own.
Are You Going to Show Live Examples?
YES! And if you join the VIP experience (available at checkout), I'll be picking random VIP members to do live demos and hands-on tweaks.
What If I'm a "Tech Dummy" - Can I Benefit From This Challenge?
YES! The whole point is to show you tweaks you can do yourself on any platform including Wordpress, Showit, Squarespace, Wix and more.
Are You Really Going to Be That Accessible?
YES! If you want extra hands-on and hand-holding... Add the VIP Experience on in checkout.
What If My Site is a... Train Wreck?
Even if your site is a "trainwreck," we can help. Lol. I've helped plenty of "train wrecks" recover quickly and 
I'm Not a Wedding Pro... Could I Benefit from This Challenge?
Absolutely! The concepts I'll cover including fonts + colors + psychology factors can benefit anyone.

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Copyright 2021 - Kaleigh Wiese. All rights reserved.

Kaleigh Wiese and others have vigorously tested and re-tested the methods covered. I make no claims or representation that by using my methods you will earn money or make your money back. Testimonials shown are real experiences from current and past clients. Their business’s results are not typical, and your business’s experience will vary based upon the effort and education of your business’s employees and management, the business model that is implemented, and market forces beyond anyone’s control.


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